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DAM Jumpstart webinar series: Get Dynamic with Digital Assets

Earley and Associates is providing a webinar series on “Get Dynamic with Digital Assets.”  A wide-range of speakers will address challenges of managing content for changing contexts and multiple delivery channels.   This series should be a great interest to anyone tracking tools and methodologies that allow relevant content to be identified and managed from creation to access.  Register for this event at

This Digital Asset Management (DAM) Jumpstart webinar program on how to Get Dynamic with Digital Assets is a four-part program which runs on March 21, March 28, April 4 and April 11, 2012. Each session brings a deep perspective to the challenges of managing content for changing contexts and multiple delivery channels

  1. DAM in the Context of Content Choreography: March 21
  2. Integrating Digital and Non-Digital Content: March 28
  3. Mobilizing DAM Initiatives: April 4
  4. Video Archiving for Reuse: April 11

The author of this blog will moderate several of these webinars (3 and 4).

This webinar series is free of charge.

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First year anniversary of Another DAM podcast

Today, Another DAM Podcast is one year old. Another DAM Podcast is a podcast series about Digital Asset Management.

Creating 60 audio podcasts in the first year, this includes:

With this, content still rules in blogs and podcasts alike. Don’t just take my word for it. Listen to what other users, administrators, and professionals have to say about Digital Asset Management. That was one of the goals of Another DAM Podcast series.  Making sure they have a voice that is heard by anyone interested in Digital Asset Management. And it still is. Hear what they have to say every week.

Special Thanks to everyone who was interviewed on Another DAM Podcast and everyone who made these podcasts possible, including:

And many more to come. On Thursdays.

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