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You may have read my call for a DAM Glossary from February 2013. Recently, Ralph Windsor started using a previously existing DAM Glossary. This publicly available website has no sponsors, is freely available, is as vendor neutral as we can hope for and allows users to append to this DAM Glossary (after registering). But the DAM Glossary is not yet complete. There are plenty of words, terms and definitions still missing. In order for the DAM community to benefit from this DAM glossary, we need to append these to the DAM Glossary.

Append those missing words, terms and definitions

Now the DAM community needs your help to append this DAM glossary with all the missing DAM words and their respective definitions. Look at it and see which words/terms are missing. Earlier, I found a few terms missing off the top of my head, such as:

  • Rendition (not the CIA’s version)
  • SAAS
  • Transformation (not related to that movie with similar title)

You may find other missing words/terms and other respective definitions in a vendor neutral sense. All you need to do is register on and apply the missing acronyms, definitions and words

Why should we append the DAM Glossary?

Several vendors (you know who you are) use special words regularly in their marketing, instruction, consulting and user interface. When you ask for a glossary of terms with definitions, it rarely includes all those super special words they use. If you were to ask three people who work for the same vendor for the definition of a particular word, you may get more than three different definitions. Some vendors themselves have not yet defined these special words in writing internally, but use them externally. Not only is this unacceptable, but this confusion propagates fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) in the DAM community and market itself.

Enough. If we are going to listen to or use special DAM words/terms/acronyms to explain functionality and tools in the DAM space, these better be defined either in the common dictionary or in If it isn’t, point it out and ask for a written definition to be shared. Then have it shared with everyone on That way we will not have to guess nor ask constantly what does that [frustrated] word mean and why does everyone we ask have a [completely] different definition for it.

Start appending the DAM Glossary for the sake of clarity, consistency, transparency and knowledge sharing throughout the global DAM Community.

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Are you coming to the 2013 Createasphere Digital Asset Management Conference in New York City?

Createasphere is having their annual Digital Asset Management Conference in New York City on October 7 and 8, 2013. There are many new speakers presenting this year.

On October 6, 2013, there is a one-day pre-conference DAM 101 Workshop & Certification.

There is a series of Add-On Seminars:

  • How To Select a DAM System: Best Practices and Pitfalls To Avoid (10/7)
  • Semantics and DAM – You Don’t Know What It Means to Me! (10/7)
  • Metadata Deep Dive (10/8)
  • Jumpstarting Your DAM Implementation with PSV (10/8)

The Conference Program is filled with plenty to listen to, learn from and enrich your knowledge about Digital Asset Management.

Beneficial topics at this year’s conference include:

  • Identify It. Measure It. Monetize It. The Importance of Asset Identification
  • Digital Archives and Content Reuse
  • Brands and Story:  Essential DAM in Transmedia & Cross Platform Content Creation

And this year, I am back to talk about:

  • The People Aspect of DAM: WHO is going to do all this DAM work?

When it comes to the people, process, technology and information aspects of Digital Asset Management, you will hear plenty about the last three. What about those who will actually use the system daily or weekly? What about your users? What about those who will maintain the DAM and know your organization’s workflow inside and out? Does this take additional headcount? Can you simply assign/reassign existing staff to do this? Does this involve temporary or ongoing tasks? Do they really have the time to dedicate to DAM when it was not part of their original job description nor core competency? Do they have what it needed to get the job done? What are your options nowadays? Join us as we address the questions of WHO for your organization. We will address the people part of this equation among those new to DAM, the seasoned DAM practitioners attending for enrichment, DAM experts, HR professionals and technologists.

On October 7, 2013, Createasphere’s Digital Asset Management Conference will have a hosted evening cocktail reception with NYC Digital Asset Managers Meetup Group (RSVP required if you are not attending the conference due to space limitations).

On October 8, 2013, the 4th Annual DAMMY Awards Luncheon will be held to announce and recognize the DAMMY Award winners.

All this will be held at the Westin Grand Central located at:
212 East 42nd Street
New York, NY 10017

Are you coming to Createasphere’s Digital Asset Management Conference in New York City?

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Who will win the 2013 DAMMY Awards?

Since 2010, Createasphere has been recognizing people and organizations in the field of Digital Asset Management (DAM) with the DAMMY Awards.

Judged by a set of peers, the mission behind the DAMMY Awards is “To create awareness of Digital Asset Management (DAM), promote creative and technical excellence in the field, and recognize the achievement in the DAM space.”

DAMMY Award Categories

There are five specific categories for the DAMMY Awards in 2013:

  • DAMMY of the Year

Outstanding individual who has positively impacted growth/success of the Digital Asset Management (DAM) industry globally: DAMMY of the Year.
There is no charge for this entry. The nomination must include a written (two page) explanation of why this individual should be nominated and give specific examples of where/how they have contributed to the Digital Asset Management community.

  • Best Storage, Archive and/or Preservation Solution

This case study provides an example(s) of innovative hardware/software and/or workflow solution that has led the industry to rethink and/or redesign the domain by creating new solutions. The entry for this case study is $55 (US) and must follow the guidelines for entry.

  • Best Example of Asset and Media Repurposing

In this case study the nomination must be an organization or technology that has profitably demonstrated multi-use of assets to create additional revenue streams. The entry for this case study is $125 (US) and must follow the guidelines for entry.

  • Best Strategy or Solution for Digital and Media Asset Management During the Acquisition of Content

This case study must demonstrate taking DAM or related technology to streamline the acquisition process or pre-production stage (of content/assets). The entry for this case study is $55 (US) and must follow the guidelines for entry.

  • Best Strategy Ease of Use for End-User Interface

This case study must demonstrate the ease of use for an end user in a DAM System interface reflecting an intuitive user experience. The entry for this case study is $125 (US) and must follow the guidelines for entry.


  • September 19, 2013 – Extended deadline for application submission
  • September 20, 2013 – Judging begins
  • September 30, 2013 – Judging ends
  • October 4, 2013 – DAMMY of the Year announced
  • October 7, 2013 – Createasphere’s Digital Asset Management Conference NY begins at the Westin New York Grand Central
  • October 8, 2013 – Fourth Annual DAMMY Awards will be held at the Westin New York Grand Central

Past Winners

You can see a list of all the past winners (and nominees) listed here:

You will note that for the past three years straight, if you are a C-Level executive at a DAM solution provider, you have a very high chance of winning the DAMMY of the Year Award. Will this continue to be the case? Do you have to be a sponsor to be awarded? We will all see the results this year.

Have you been nominated yet?

In full disclosure, the author has been nominated for DAMMY of the Year in 2011 and 2012.

If you are involved in Digital Asset Management, have you applied or been nominated for any of the DAMMY Awards this year?

What are you waiting you for? Time is ticking away.

See guidelines for submissions details.

Who will win the DAMMY Awards this year?