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Atlanta DAM Meetup started

There are quite a few organizations based in Atlanta, Georgia. Many of them are either actively using Digital Asset Management (DAM) or are very interested in using Digital Asset Management (DAM), within and across their organization. It would only make sense that Atlanta would have their very own DAM Meetup group so they could discuss hot topics about DAM and learn from each other.

Elizabeth Keathley took the initiative to do just that. Atlanta DAM was founded June 20, 2013 and has announced their first event  in July.

You can find out more about Atlanta DAM at

For those in Atlanta who interested in DAM, this is the time to peel your fingers off your keyboards, mice and tablets for a few hours. This is the time to socialize with other people who work with Digital Asset Management. Join some like minded people in Atlanta who work with DAM and you will be surprised what you have in common across organizations when it comes to DAM. You are not alone in the world of DAM and there are plenty of you out there. Come out, share your experiences, challenges and successes. You might even learn something just by listening.

There are a few DAM Meetups around the world, including NYC Digital Asset Managers which I co-organize with over 520 members.  All you need is enough people willing to come out to one location and Meetup every so often to discuss Digital Asset Management. Do you have a DAM Meetup in your area?


Midwest Digital Asset Managers launches in Chicago

In May 2013, the Midwest Digital Asset Managers meetup group was launched in Chicago (IL) as “…a group intended for anyone interested in the various aspect of Digital Asset Management.”

I would imagine DAM professionals and people interested in Digital Asset Management (DAM) from all over Chicago area could meet together with like-minded people about DAM. Regardless of market sector, they are likely are faced with similar challenges around people, process, technology, information, budgets and other issues. There are solutions to all of these issues a

Then again, maybe Chicago has more rainbows than everyone else in the world and they may not have to face any issues with Digital Asset Management. Otherwise, Chicago can join their regional DAM community just like New York, Southern California and London has to discuss their successes and challenges with all aspects of DAM.

Speaking as one of the co-organizers of NYC Digital Asset Managers, our membership have grown by over 20% between January 2013 and May 2013 by having 7 meetups in 5 months. Meetups are possible with good content, discussion, marketing, networking and organization. The interest in DAM does exist and it is a matter of people with that interest wanting to get together.

We wish the Midwest Digital Asset Managers all the best.


Launching first Kickstarter project related to Digital Asset Management: Transcribing Another DAM podcast

I launched the first Kickstarter project related to Digital Asset Management (DAM).

The Project

We need to fund Transcribing Another DAM podcast. Over 120 episodes of this podcast series including 80 interviews with different professionals from various organizations. The goal is to transcribe these podcast episodes from audio to searchable text.


Kickstarter is a crowd funding site for projects. Someone posts a project with a defined end result. People back the projects they believe in. In this case, project involves transcribing the audio podcast episodes into text.

No, we are not going to ask you to transcribe the audio for us.

Transcription service will do all the transcribing of these podcast episodes and they charge for every minute of audio. There are hours of audio to be transcribed. This is why we need financial backing to pay for this work to be done and that is why I started this project to fund this effort.


Why do this? What is in it for you as a project backer? If you back this project with your funds and help make this project happen, you can get a reward depending on the amount you pledge. Aside from the rewards, you will be helping yourself and anyone interested in Digital Asset Management to have a full text version of most podcasts episodes, especially the 80 different interviews. These transcripts will be indexed and fully searchable so you can easily reference these podcasts and not have to take notes on what someone said. This also makes this more accessible to everyone for learning and enrichment of Digital Asset Management.


If the project gets fully funded and we reach the goal of $3000, every backer who pledges at least US$20 to this project will get an ebook of all the transcriptions. The ebook will not be available to people who do not back this project. The ebook is a Kickstarter exclusive offer.

There are other very limited edition rewards offered. Check out the site for details.


If the project is not fully funded, does reach its goal, then nothing happens with the project. No transcriptions. No ebook. No rewards. All the money is reimbursed to backers. Move on to the next project.

I have taken in consideration that transcripts will need to be reviewed and that will take some time. There should be enough time to avoid delays in the timeline of delivering these transcripts and rewards by sometime in August. This will not be a rush job.

Am I done?

I am not finished creating more content and improving the site for users. Another DAM blog and Another DAM podcast will continue to exist. These will continue to be free of charge to access and reference for everyone.

I will continue creating more original content regularly since there is still plenty to talk about in the field of Digital Asset Management. There is plenty more to contribute and share. Some people who want this to go away, but I keep sharing more.

Are you ready to support these efforts of sharing more through this crowd funding effort?

Help support Transcribing Another DAM podcast at

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I see your DAM trading cards and raise you

Recently, a company came out with their list of Top DAM Influencers and I am honored to be listed as one of them. Maybe the blog and podcast had something to do with it.

Then, during a recent Digital Asset Management (DAM) event, the same company introduced their first set of DAM trading cards based on their list of Top DAM Influencers. I see your DAM trading cards and raise you some DAM voodoo dolls.

What I am wondering is where are all the DAM voodoo dolls? Someone has to have these somewhere. Really. Think about it. A voodoo doll of each DAM professional could come ‘complete with a large set of pins.’ Every pin could be listing each of the common DAM challenges, issues and pitfalls. I would be curious to know who has these dolls and who is inserting the pins into each doll. If you are a DAM professional, how many of these pins have been inserted into your own voodoo doll? (I am not going to ask where these pins were inserted though)

Just imagine that large list of pins (challenges) to choose from. (Come on. We could either cry about it, ignore these issues or we can laugh about them and do something about it, right?)

  • Lack of user adoption
  • Plan? Where do you see a plan?
  • No file naming convention nor guidelines
  • Missing metadata
  • Lack of metadata field ownership and accountability
  • Lack of metadata consistently and accurately associated/embedded to digital assets, individually or as a group
  • Taxonomy oops
  • Poor search results
  • Search engine? What search engine?
  • Inability to filter  to relevant results
  • We do not have time for an audit. Breathing is optional as well.
  • Implementation delays
  • Contract oops
  • SLA does not cover this or that
  • No version control of metadata
  • No version control for digital assets
  • Siloed thinking
  • Why do we need to collaborate with people? I thought everyone worked on their own island.
  • How do you spell communication again?
  • Implementor has not touched a DAM before…oops
  • Budget woes
  • Lack of sponsor buy-in
  • Stakeholder dissatisfaction
  • Internal politics
  • Scope creep to include new requirements…daily
  • Lack of executive sponsorship/support/understanding
  • Forgot to illustrate  value of DAM when talking to sponsors
  • ROI just means ‘king’ in French
  • User interface confusion
  • Missing vital functionality
  • You want this to do what this time?
  • Forgot this is supposed to make our lives easier.
  • Loss of productivity
  • Unscheduled outages
  • Backup? What backup?
  • Term not clearly defined nor documented
  • No complete DAM Glossary of terms and definitions
  • Lack of information
  • Missing documentation for review
  • Lack of readily available training
  • Lack of ongoing support
  • Long hours
  • Unrealistic deadlines
  • And much, much more

All DAM professionals have experienced some or all of these challenges. Maybe more. These pins in our side are some of the challenges we face and these  become opportunities to overcome and succeed. DAM professionals have experience in resolving these issues.

Now, where did this metadata pin come from?

Where is your DAM voodoo doll? By the way, Happy April Fools Day.

What pins (challenges) are you feeling with Digital Asset Management?

Note that the author does not practice any voodoo. The author has been found to have a sense of humour. Insert another pin.

Let us know when you are ready for some vendor neutral consulting on Digital Asset Management.