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King’s College of London has started its first Masters (MA) degree program in Digital Asset Management (DAM) this year. MADAM is the first Master’s Degree program of its kind. Best wishes in all their endeavors.

As written in an earlier post, this is not the only school of higher education to offer courses in DAM by name. There are other courses and programs that may call it something else in the fields of Archiving (specific to digital) and Library Science (again specific to digital). The main issue I see ad keep hearing about is that too many schools are still resisting (not changing) to teach their students about the real digital world and how things get done today. More adjunct professors who still function in the real business world, not just full time academia helps minimize this. I would also encourage any student to get a real job or  internship to see how things are done…not in theory, but reality.

You are more than welcome to try and:

  • Apply theory in practice when applicable
  • Learn to think on your feet
  • Think it through and act for long term, not just short term results
  • Walk through the possible consequences (pros/cons) of one action over another
  • Reference/respect other people’s point of view and take them all with a grain of salt
  • Do not ask anyone to do something you would not do yourself
  • Do it yourself before asking others to repeat the same tasks
  • Eat your own dog food (practice what you preach)
  • Learn to spend wisely, not based on impulse
  • Diversify
  • If failure happens, fail quickly and learn why this happened so those reasons do not keep recurring again. Then, don’t repeat that failure.

Author: Henrik de Gyor

Consultant. Podcaster. Writer.

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