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What higher education courses are available about DAM?


Since my last post about DAM career planning, a whole host of higher education courses popped up on my radar.  The courses found, researched and listed are located in the US, UK and even China. There were plenty of higher education courses offered which mention DAM within their syllabus, but these courses listed below are focused on DAM.

Since 2003, Rochester Institute of Technology (New York, USA) offers a DAM course three times per year.

Since 2006, San Jose State University (California, USA) offers a graduate elective course on DAM.

Since 2007, Simmons College (Massachusetts, USA) offers a DAM course as an elective to a graduate program.

Since 2008, Zhejiang University (Zhejiang, China) offers an undergraduate course on DAM.

As of January 2010, Columbia University (New York, USA) offers a continuing education course all  about DAM.

As of March 2010, Birmingham City University (Birmingham, UK) offers a module in Media Asset Management (MAM) as part of a certificate program.

As of September 2010, King’s College London (London, UK) offers the first Master’s degree program about DAM (MADAM).

There may be other higher education courses specifically about DAM offered elsewhere which I would love to hear about and I am sure the readers would too.

Special thanks to all the DAM professionals, professors and administrators who helped me compile this list.

Author: Henrik de Gyor

Consultant. Podcaster. Writer.

2 thoughts on “What higher education courses are available about DAM?

  1. The King’s College London MADAM programme has an updated website at

  2. Drexel University offers a concentration (or post-masters certification) in Digital Libraries, which prepares students for a wide variety of jobs, such as DAM, digital archiving, and information architecture (or UX designer).

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