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Did you build or buy a DAM?

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When first scoping out a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution, organizations often entertain the idea of either building or buying a DAM system.

Is there a DAM solution which already exists out there which suits:

  • Your business needs?
  • Your use cases?
  • Your workflow?
  • Your digital assets with specific file formats?

Do you want to pay licensing and/or support fees each year?

Do you really believe your organization can do it all yourselves without any outside assistance, from the beginning into the distant future? (that would mean the future in years. Not weeks.)

In the long-term, what type of solution are you willing to commit to?

Whatever you choose, you’ll need support for DAM operations, DAM users and updates for the DAM. Where will this ongoing support come from?

Do you have full documentation for your organization’s DAM system provided by…?

Does the solution work with third-party applications you need to use it with?

Is it easy to use? Or do you need a software engineering degree to understand how to turn it on and make it work?

Is it a scalable solution, regardless of how big your collections or organization grow?

Is it fully searchable?

Is it secure?

If you use a DAM within your organization, please answer the following poll.

Author: Henrik de Gyor

Consultant. Podcaster. Writer.

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