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5 thoughts on “Where can I find metadata standards?

  1. Henrik:

    Regarding the second set of guides, it’s important that readers keep in mind that these were developed by a group that is focused more on “text” and/or cultural heritage items, rather than digital images. I say that as I was surprised to see XMP mentioned in their poster and glossary of metadata standards, but zero mentions of the various IPTC Photo Metadata schemas such as IPTC-IIM, IPTC Core, or the new IPTC Extension (specification released in 2008); not to mention the PLUS ( schema.


  2. As someone who is reasonably familiar with many of the standards mentioned here (at least by name), I find the poster overwhelming. Perhaps a flowchart to guide users to the most appropriate metadata standard(s) for their situation would be a more useful tool. The poster seems like it’s intended only for the most expert metadata planners, and does little to communicate the role, and value, that the various standards would play in an implementation, regardless of the content being described.


  3. Besides that the very frequently used IPTC/IIM standard is missing, the Exif standard (technical, structural and some descriptive metadata) for visual resources is also absent.

  4. I agree the comments above are accurate in pointing out that IPTC, PLUS and several other metadata standards are not included in the guides listed above. They should be included since these are commonly used. I was pointing out that this is a visual mapping to this alphabet soup of metadata standards. I would challenge others to build a better, more comprehensive visual mapping of metadata standards if they could to clarify this. So far, this is the best one I have seen. Anyone have something better? Please do share.

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