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Is there a real benefit to implementing a DAM?

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This was a question posed in a comment received on this blog by a new reader. Obviously, they had not read anything I had written before, but I wanted to answer their question rather than having them believe that a DAM is simply a justification for:

  • Another project just to keep people busy and employed
  • Another application for the collection of ‘shelf babies’ within an organization that does not use the tools which have been developed for them
  • A higher budget to burn on something

Unfortunately, many IT projects are wrongly considered in one or more of these categories listed above because people simply don’t understand them. So, now I will lead you back to the logical business world where people actually want to improve their organization as a whole. I will keep most of this rather simple to understand too.

As more people and organizations accumulate digital assets, they need to:

  • Manage the assets they keep
  • Know what assets they have
  • Know the contents of these assets
  • Know who acquired/created the assets for accountability and sometimes even crediting purposes
  • Know where and how to find the assets
  • Find assets in a timely manner using metadata
  • Know when the assets were acquired/created for the life cycle of the asset and any rights management issues
  • Know what versions/renditions are available of any asset (there is better way than just using so-called unique file names)
  • Enable the use, reuse and re-purposing of assets (how do you spell ROI?)
  • Preview assets from one central repository (let us see what we have)
  • Be organized (really, it is possible)
  • Grow with the organization (rather than against it)
  • Have permission-based access for all users and roles
  • Enable more people throughout the organization to access assets they should have as they need them
  • Enable access to assets 24 hours a day/7 days a week/365 days a year/ from anywhere with internet access/worldwide

These were a few real benefits to implementing a DAM.

Now, who wants to name and count the number of systems that can do all that today, aside from a DAM?

Author: Henrik de Gyor

Consultant. Podcaster. Writer.

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