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DAM DC Meetups: Three events in March 2012

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After a very successful and interesting DAM DC Meetup at Discovery in January 2012, we are scheduling three separate DAM DC Meetups at the beginning, middle and end of March 2012.

We will have DAM DC Meetups in:

Details, times and locations are all on the DAM DC Meetup website which requires free membership and your RSVP per event, if you plan to attend.

If you want to talk about Digital Asset Management, come by and meet local DAM professionals as well as people interested in DAM.  Bring your questions. This is all informal networking.

See you there.

Author: Henrik de Gyor

Consultant. Podcaster. Writer.

One thought on “DAM DC Meetups: Three events in March 2012

  1. The DAM DC Meetup group is now closed

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