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Second Annual DAMMY Awards

Createasphere has open the Second Annual DAMMY Awards on April 1, 2011 for online submissions until August 1, 2011.

“Createasphere is excited to launch the second annual event that acknowledges achievement and resourcefulness in Digital Asset Management. The DAMMY Awards recognize pioneering individuals and organizations who have created new revenue opportunities, efficient workflows, exceptional storage and archive solutions, and more. An outstanding individual or organization will also be named DAMMY of the Year for positively impacting the success of digital asset management for the good of the global community…”

Nominations are now being accepted for the five categories of DAMMY awards:

  1. DAMMY of the Year
  2. Best Storage, Archive, and or Preservation Solution
  3. Best Strategy or Solution for Digital & Media Asset Management during the Acquisition of Content
  4. Best Example of Asset & Media Repurposing
  5. Best strategy Ease of Use for End-User Interface

(yes, that fifth category is new for 2011)

There are three judges who will evaluate all the submissions for all DAMMY Award categories:

  • Lisa McIntyre
  • David Riecks
  • Donna Slawsky

Each of them have been interviewed on Another DAM podcast in the past.

Congratulations to all the first annual DAMMY Award winners from 2010. One of the winners, UPS was also interviewed on Another DAM podcast.

Best of luck to all submissions for the Second Annual DAMMY Awards. Do not be shy. Get recognized by the DAM community as the professional that you are.

Submit your application for the DAMMY award category which best applies today. Enter your submission today.

The Second Annual DAMMY award will be announced during The DAMMY Awards ceremony in New York City on September 23, 2011.

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How is Another DAM podcast created?

Since September 2010, I regularly create Another DAM podcast and release it weekly. Most of these podcasts are interviews of Digital Asset Management (DAM) Professionals from anywhere in the world. Sometimes I will create an audio version of some of my most popular blog posts.


If I am interviewing someone in person, I find a quiet room and use my smart phone to record the conversation. I find this to be the easiest method to record audio. Testing the audio with myself with the person I am interviewing, I can position the smart phone/microphone for the best results. Several podcasts have been recorded at conferences, hotels and offices very successfully using this method.

If I am doing an interview over the phone, I use Google Hangout or Skype to make the call. As a courtesy, I call the person I am interviewing directly whether they have a Skype account or they just use their phone. Using Callburner (PC) or WireTap Studio  Call Recorder (Apple) allows me to record both sides of the conversation directly from Skype. Of course, I tell the person I am interviewing when I am recording the audio conversation (many areas require this by law).

Audio Quality

Skype or Google Hangouts is best audio quality when using headphones with a microphone. Fair audio quality are with landline phones and the worst audio quality are mobile phones.


Using Audacity (PC/Apple) or Garageband (Apple), editing and formatting the audio file is relatively easy to learn and accomplish. If you don’t want to edit the audio yourself, there are a number of services you can send the audio for editing as long as you listen to the audio yourself first and then list exactly what you want the edited with time codes.

Who do I interview

I interview men and women involved in Digital Asset Management from all over the world. Yes, I look for new people to interview all the time. I do not interview DAM vendors since I am vendor neutral.

Scheduling an interview

Most often, I find the people to interview in the field based on my contacts and their contacts. Yes, networking helps a lot. I often send the person an email with the following information:

  • The intent of the podcast interview
  • A listing the questions I plan to ask them during the interview so they can ponder the questions ahead of time
  • A link to my earlier podcasts for them to review if they want to
  • My contact information

Since some of the people I interview work for an organization which may need a PR/media relations/communication person to give prior approval, I leave them time to do so. Once I find a person online or in person who agrees to be interviewed (and gets approval, if needed), it is a matter of finding a good time for both their schedule and mine. This often means dealing with different time zones (which can be an advantage sometimes). Most people prefer to schedule an interview during their weekday working hours.  I often try to schedule the interview early in the morning or in the late afternoon to not conflict with my schedule.


Aside from finding the scheduled time to do the interview and the edit the audio, it takes me (after the initial learning curve) about one hour to record and edit a 5 to 15 minute podcast. This is why I send the audio to someone for editing at minimal cost and sparing my effort.

Approval after the interview

After the interview has occurred and audio has been edited (by myself) to the desired content, volume and format, I apply metadata to it. After editing, I send the person I interviewed a link to download and review the audio. I  give them the choice of either accepting the audio as I first edited it or tell me specifically what needs to be edits. Many approve of the audio as-is. Some go through several rounds of audio edits with me. Some re-record the podcast again. Occasionally, they edit the audio themselves and send me back another audio file with approval.

Release of the podcast

Once the podcast is approved in writing, I add it to a queue of podcasts to be released. I release a new podcast on Thursdays. When the podcast is released, it is aggregated to multiple channels. The release is also publicized on LinkedIn and Twitter among other locations.

Measure what you manage

In order to see what content works best, what are the most popular topics and measure what means of publicizing brings the most traffic, I watch analytics weekly and adjust accordingly.

Why I do not record video (yet)

I do not record video podcasts because I do not see the value of talking heads (including mine). Editing video takes much more time than audio alone. A finalized video is often a larger file size and takes longer to download. If I ever needed to record video (from Skype or even as a screencast), Vodburner is available among other tools.


You can find, stream, download and even subscribe to this podcast which can be heard on your computer or MP3 player.

The podcast is available here:

Why this is free

Well, it is a podcast. Who pays for podcasts today? Simple answer: no one.  Earlier, I covered why I do all this free of charge.

Enjoy Another DAM Podcast.

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Is there another weekly podcast about Digital Asset Management?

Another DAM podcast is a weekly series of audio recordings which complement Another DAM blog. In September 2010, these podcasts began to appear with weekly interviews of different DAM professionals from around the world. Everyone interviewed have different stories to tell, information to share and is passionate about what they do. Some people interviewed are well-known in the practice of Digital Asset Management or related fields.

Every person interviewed is asked at least three similar questions:

  1. How are they involved with Digital Asset Management
  2. A question related to what they do
  3. What advise would they give DAM Professionals or people aspiring to become DAM professionals

You can listen and even subscribe to this podcast series:

This weekly podcast series is hosted by Henrik de Gyor, the author of Another DAM blog.

Another DAM podcast weekly interviews will continue into 2011. Who would you like to hear interviewed?

Is there another weekly podcast about Digital Asset Management?

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Createasphere DAM podcast interview

Aric Allen of Createasphere interviewed the author of this blog post about what companies need to think about when implementing Digital Asset Management (DAM) and what will be presented at the Createasphere Digital Asset Management Conference in New York in late September 2010.

This interview was recorded as a free podcast which you can listen to now.