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Elegant Workflow

One year ago today,  Dave Ginsberg released an interview with this blog’s author on his podcast called Elegant Workflow

You can listen to this podcast interview here

In the past year, Dave has produced some great podcast interviews with people in the audio, movie and television world, including some Digital Asset Management professionals. I would encourage you to listen and subscribe to his podcast. Dave continues to deliver more great podcast episodes at

The length of the interviews on Elegant Workflow are a bit longer in time than Another DAM Podcast, however these are often released as a multi-part series to bring you back for more. These are well worth the time to listen and learn from what is said. Of course, he asks every interviewee what is their definition of an Elegant Workflow. The answers are different every time.

When will I find the time to listen to all these podcasts?

Ever wonder when you could possibly have the time to listen to all these podcasts? These are often released weekly, but they are recorded so you can play them anytime, anywhere and as often as you need them.

Here is how I am able to listen to over 1000 podcast episodes on a variety of topics every year. I realized a few years ago that my ears are more available than my eyes and hands.

Ever wonder what you could do with all that time you spend:

  • traveling (even to/from work/school)
  • doing certain types of tasks that do not take any concentration
  • walking around town
  • exercising
  • waiting in line
  • waiting for your significant other

Now that you have discovered all this free time for your ears, what are you going to do with it productively?

Here is an idea: Listen to podcasts or even audio books. There are plenty of online libraries that have audio content to suit your interests. Now that bookstores are going the way of the dinosaur, your local library may have some free resources such audio books which may be of interest to you as well.

How do I listen to this?

If you live and thrive in the 21st century, you likely have at least one mobile device (such as a smart phone) that can store and play MP3 audio files. Most podcasts are available in this universal audio format, among others. Podcasts can be subscribed to, so you are automatically aware of them and downloaded (via WiFi) upon release of new content. If you have a mobile device, you likely carry it everywhere you go (the idea behind being mobile anywhere). Once these audio files are downloaded and if you happen to go places that do not have full coverage (such as subway or train tunnels among other places), you do not have to worry about getting cut off as if you were streaming these audio files online nor over use of your data plan for your mobile device. Every time your ears are idle, use your mobile device to play your favorite audio podcasts and continue learning every day.

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Createasphere DAM podcast interview

Aric Allen of Createasphere interviewed the author of this blog post about what companies need to think about when implementing Digital Asset Management (DAM) and what will be presented at the Createasphere Digital Asset Management Conference in New York in late September 2010.

This interview was recorded as a free podcast which you can listen to now.

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What podcasts are available about DAM?

After gauging the level of interest in podcasts about Digital Asset Management (DAM) with a poll I posted earlier, I thought I would share the different series of active podcasts which I have been enjoying and participating in.

  • That DAM Show by Colin Birch and Dan McGraw. This is one of the most entertaining DAM podcasts I have ever heard since they started releasing these back in June 2009.

There were some vendor-specific podcasts earlier this year too, but they don’t seem to be very active any longer which is unfortunate. All the podcasts are packed with great information, you can tell there is a lot of effort put into creating them. I would encourage everyone to listen to their episodes.  If you enjoy them as much as I do,  subscribe (they are all free of charge) for future episodes. You don’t need even an iPod to listen to them, just a computer with internet access which you obviously have. If you do have an iPod, the first two podcasts listed are available on iTunes to download and listen on the move.

I wish all the producers of  these podcasts all the best and look forward to every episode they come out with for the latest news and thoughts on DAM within the podcast medium.

Do you have a podcast about DAM or another favorite DAM related podcast? If so, please do share.

The latest podcast series to be released to date is