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Second Annual DAMMY Awards

Createasphere has open the Second Annual DAMMY Awards on April 1, 2011 for online submissions until August 1, 2011.

“Createasphere is excited to launch the second annual event that acknowledges achievement and resourcefulness in Digital Asset Management. The DAMMY Awards recognize pioneering individuals and organizations who have created new revenue opportunities, efficient workflows, exceptional storage and archive solutions, and more. An outstanding individual or organization will also be named DAMMY of the Year for positively impacting the success of digital asset management for the good of the global community…”

Nominations are now being accepted for the five categories of DAMMY awards:

  1. DAMMY of the Year
  2. Best Storage, Archive, and or Preservation Solution
  3. Best Strategy or Solution for Digital & Media Asset Management during the Acquisition of Content
  4. Best Example of Asset & Media Repurposing
  5. Best strategy Ease of Use for End-User Interface

(yes, that fifth category is new for 2011)

There are three judges who will evaluate all the submissions for all DAMMY Award categories:

  • Lisa McIntyre
  • David Riecks
  • Donna Slawsky

Each of them have been interviewed on Another DAM podcast in the past.

Congratulations to all the first annual DAMMY Award winners from 2010. One of the winners, UPS was also interviewed on Another DAM podcast.

Best of luck to all submissions for the Second Annual DAMMY Awards. Do not be shy. Get recognized by the DAM community as the professional that you are.

Submit your application for the DAMMY award category which best applies today. Enter your submission today.

The Second Annual DAMMY award will be announced during The DAMMY Awards ceremony in New York City on September 23, 2011.