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2nd Annual Digital Asset Management Summit on January 24-25 2019

On January 24-25 2019, the 2nd Annual Digital Asset Management Summit 2019 will be held by Insight Exchange Network at the AMA Conference Center (right next to Times Square) in New York, NY. #IENDAM

The full two-day agenda is available (PDF):

On Day 1 among the many sessions, Henrik de Gyor of Another DAM Consultancy will be moderating an executive panel discussion with:

Henrik de Gyor will also discuss the use of the DAM Maturity Model (DAM3) and guide you through this self-assessment. Plenty of people have downloaded this PDF and glanced at it, but have yet to leverage it to measure their level of DAM improvement over time. We will show you how for use in your own organization. #IENDAM

There are a number of other panel discussions on:

  • DAM Essentials
  • Rights Management
  • Metadata
  • DAM vendor selection
  • DAM vendor management
  • and much more

This DAM Summit was created for Digital Asset Management professionals on topics requested by DAM professionals and created by the Insight Exchange Network. #IENDAM

Use discount code M123ADC15 for 15% off registration. There are a few days left for early bird registration so don’t wait too long to register to attend. #IENDAM

There will be a NYC DAM Meetup on January 23, 2019 too. See you there. #IENDAM

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2017 top episodes of Another DAM Podcast

If you enjoy the Digital Asset Management articles of Another DAM Blog, then the audio episodes about Digital Asset Management from Another DAM Podcast may interest you as well.

Here are the most listened to episodes of Another DAM Podcast, according to late December 2017 statistics in alphabetical order:

If you enjoy Another DAM Podcast, check out about IP Rights Management and comparing human-generated to machine-generated keywording services.

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Listen to on Apple Podcasts, AudioBoom, CastBox, Google Play, RadioPublic, RSS or TuneIn.

Listen to on Apple Podcasts, AudioBoom, CastBox, Google PlayRadioPublic, RSS or TuneIn.

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New Year, New DAM Book

Happy New Year

After months of work, Elizabeth Keathley, with contributions from Ralph Windsor and myself, released a new book a few days before 2016.

Digital Asset Management: Content Architectures, Project Management, and Creating Order Out of Media Chaos: Second Edition

The second edition “…contains 30% new and updated material, including a full new chapter on risk and change management. Incorporating quotes and material from leaders in the field, as well as sample charts, graphs, and even job descriptions that readers are encouraged to reuse and adapt for their own purposes, this book is a must-have for anyone learning about Digital Asset Management.”