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What does context have to do with DAM?

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For the readers who have read my blog before, they have seen my writings on quite a few topics about Digital Asset Management (DAM). I mention Digital Asset Management in every place I can think of to reference with the acronym DAM.

Then, there are some people who have not read my blog…ok, maybe skimmed it…but did see the word DAM next to my name.

Recently, I was invited (by email) to present at an upcoming conference type event in [unnamed foreign country] to talk about DAM…to discuss hydropower,hydroelectricity and sustainable energy.


That is not my field of expertise. I talk about DAM, not DAM. Oh, wait. We need some context to clarify this now, do we not?

I will not be attending that particular conference. I respectfully declined the invitation. I also shared some context about DAM (Digital Asset Management) as I do regularly with my insights found on this blog, the weekly podcast series, the eBook and during the Digital Asset Management conferences.

DAM is green. Uh, not unless you configured the User Interface (UI) to be that color. Servers drain power (like a colander drains water) and servers need to be cooled to the Nth degree (also not too energy efficient unless the servers are located in some frozen region). You may have a DAM (Digital Asset Management) system powered by a DAM (the one with the reservoir, lake or river behind it), but not likely in too many areas.

DAM. No, I am not cursing nor swearing. Yet, I know a few people who manage a DAM for some churches. They can say DAM out loud. It is simply an acronym in the field of Digital Asset Management.  I have heard some people prefer saying “DAMS” or spelling out D. A.M.

That is not as fun.

Often, the user assigns context to the DAM assets when they use an asset.

Author: Henrik de Gyor

Consultant. Podcaster. Writer.

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