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Have I heard all the DAM jokes yet?


DAM. As soon as you start thinking about getting a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution for your organization, you will hear the jokes coming.

Having a DAM day? Is this the hour of the DAM? Having a DAM moment?

What if you were:

  • the DAMM (Digital Asset Management Manager)
  • the DAMD (Digital Asset Management Director)
  • the DAM VP (Digital Asset Management Vice President)

(It is just a title)

  • Do you have DAM-IT (Digital Asset Management and Information Technology) group meetings?

You can imagine the DAM conversations:

  • Do you have DAM access?
  • You need a DAM account.
  • Here is the DAM URL.
  • Got a DAM login?
  • What about a DAM password?
  • Having DAM problems? What is your DAM problem?
  • What about DAM permissions?
  • What is your DAM role?

When you have a DAM, there are often:

  • DAM assets
  • DAM budget
  • DAM consultants
  • DAM department
  • DAM downloads
  • DAM groups
  • DAM meetings
  • DAM metadata
  • DAM people
  • DAM reports
  • DAM ROI (Return On Investment)
  • DAM strategy
  • DAM support
  • DAM TOC (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • DAM training
  • DAM uploads
  • DAM vendors

All DAM, all the time.

Been there. Done that. Got the DAM t-shirt. (Yes, there are some DAM t-shirts available. Really. Google it.)

Learn DAM. Live DAM. Love DAM. (Keep up the enthusiasm.)

Don’t give a DAM? Well, of course not. You don’t give a DAM.  DAM is not free (even when it is open source, it still requires time to implement).  Instead share a DAM within your organization and save money.

Let everyone make the DAM jokes and do not take it personally. DAM humor is a good thing.

Do you have any good, clean DAM jokes?

Author: Henrik de Gyor

Consultant. Podcaster. Writer.

3 thoughts on “Have I heard all the DAM jokes yet?

  1. Digital Preservation and Nuclear Disaster: An Animation

    Enjoy the video…

  2. Metator? Is that the modern version of an ‘information minotaur’? Or a matador of information? While I agree the function of this position is vital for consistency and continuity of assets (and its metadata), the title “information specialist” sounds more appealing for this role.

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