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Where can I find some DAM jobs?


Despite current economic times, Digital Asset Management (DAM) jobs are listed on a regular basis throughout the United States and the world. While many positions are clustered around major cities, there are often 100+ jobs listed at any one time. So the question is if you have relevant job experience (according to the individual job description) in the field of DAM, where do you look?

Here are several online job sites which display DAM jobs regularly:

As many DAM professionals know, metadata is important. Specifically, keywords.

Keywords which work well when searching within relevant job sites are:

  • “Digital Asset Management”
  • “metadata”

Keywords which do not work as well are:

  • “DAM” (unless you really are looking for jobs related to hydroelectricity or any other word with the letters “dam” in it)
  • “Asset Management” (often yields financial or real estate positions)

What if you do not have relevant job experience? If you are a college student, consider a DAM internship.

If you are a working DAM professional or between DAM jobs, consider seeking the skills of a talent scout or head hunter with experience in placing individuals with those technical skills. And experience.

It is not a secret that Digital Asset Management is a technical field, but the DAM users are not necessarily technical people. DAM professionals need to be able to ‘translate’ the complex blah blah blah into terms non-technical people do understand. As a Digital Asset Manager, I am a bridge between creative and technical groups. There is a lot of hands-on activity and training which involves plenty of hard work and, of course, metadata. Like many positions, this job is not for everyone. If you are job hunting, do yourself as well as the hiring managers a favor: Don’t apply if you are not qualified according to the job description.

Nowadays, many employers only accept digital copies of your resume and cover letter when applying. Human eyes may not even see your completed application unless it first passes filtering technologies. As with most resumes, Human Resources may read them in less than 30  seconds. Depending on a variety of factors, there may not be a line forming outside the door for DAM job applicants.

Many people may not understand what DAM professionals do for a living nor how digital asset management works. In order to get hired as a DAM professional, you need to know what this involves and be able to explain it to people clearly.

Let us know when you are ready for consulting or assistance in finding Digital Asset Management professionals for your business.

Where do you find DAM jobs?

Author: Henrik de Gyor

Consultant. Podcaster. Writer.

6 thoughts on “Where can I find some DAM jobs?

  1. Another great keyword search is ‘coordinator’. You do have to filter out the medical industry jobs but there are some hidden opportunities that come to light. Indeed was the best site when it came to my job search – it is linked to so many job sites that I had no idea existed. Also, zeroing into the companies that you want to work for and doing searches with the company name as the keyword is a very good idea. Something else that I found invaluable is being a part of the social media experiment – human communication and the speed of technical growth has changed so much – others in your field are a part of this. I learn so much from my continued exposure to social media and its dynamics – from my exposure to the world, in essence.

  2. Craigslist, HeadHunter and Facebook are another great sources for a someone who is looking for a DAM job.

  3. I follow your weblog for quite a long time and should tell that your articles usually prove to be of a high value and high quality for readers.

  4. Great article, Henrik! A smaller but more targeted option for finding a DAM job is And it’s totally free.

  5. Hey guys! Where is a good place to FIND Digital Asset Managers? Is there a site where those looking for work are pulled together and searchable by employers?

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