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4 thoughts on “Poll: How long does it take to upload one asset to DAM with metadata?

  1. Speaking for still images, the rate is highly dependant on whether & how much (usable!) metadata has already been supplied with IPTC. If this data is good and up to the required standards – and the DAM system can read & import it (there are still some out there that can’t!!) – the time does down significantly, e.g. less than 5 minutes.

  2. Hi Henrik, Good poll and we look forward to following more results and participating in the commentary! In our world of SaaS DAM, upload speeds are impacted by the method of upload, uploading user connection speed (if web-based) and type of asset(s) among others. Time to tag metadata would vary depending on automated vs. manual entry of metadata. If it’s a manual process, that would be impacted by complexity of the metadata model. Many more variables to discuss, but in short the time to upload and tag metadata in a DAM system is typically much less than the time it takes to find un-tagged, un-categorized, scattered assets on a shared network. One person spending 10 minutes uploading/tagging one asset is far greater use of time than 100 people spending 5 minutes looking for that asset on a shared network. The ROI in time savings alone is often enough to justify the cost of a DAM solution. This poll is similar to one of our recent posts as relates to download speeds from our web-based DAM system “What to expect with video assets in your web-based DAM system?”

  3. The response I gave was based on an average asset, but if an asset is a compound document or is a 10’x4′ banner the ingest time is going to vary.

    And don’t even get me started on bulk ingests with 50+ assets.

    I have also found that file type matters. PDFs, for example, seem to take longer to upload into our system.

  4. I was very surprise at the results of this poll. 25% of respondants said it would take ony a few seconds. This has never been my experience. Often I blame the length of loading time on the internet connectivity juxapposed to the actual Digital Assets Management system, but its never taken only a few seconds nonetheless.

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