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Poll: How long did it take to get a DAM working within your organization?

As discussed earlier, how long did it take to get a DAM working within your organization from the day it was decided by stakeholders and sponsors to the day you measured user adoption with favorable results of a working Digital Asset Management solution will vary. Obviously, this is not just about a DAM vendor handing off an empty shell and running away, but rather having DAM with:

  • Defined users, roles and admins able to use the system
  • Up-to-date training with supporting documentation
  • Assets
  • Searchable Metadata
  • Working features and functionality
  • Configurations set for your initial needs (and adjustable for the future)
  • Any customization completed and in use by users

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Do you want to join a DAM Meetup group near you?

The first Digital Asset Management (DAM) Meetup group was established in New York City. This group is very active and still growing.

But what if you don’t live near New York City area?

Vote here if you are interested in joining a DAM Meetup group near you.

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How many assets get uploaded to the DAM at a time?

If you use Digital Asset Management (DAM), please answer a poll question about the average number of assets uploaded/ingested/imported to the DAM at one time.

Many DAM systems have reporting features which can determine the amount of activity in the DAM, when it occurs and by whom. How assets are uploaded to the DAM can speed up the process and keep them more consistent.