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DAM DC Meetups: Three events in March 2012

After a very successful and interesting DAM DC Meetup at Discovery in January 2012, we are scheduling three separate DAM DC Meetups at the beginning, middle and end of March 2012.

We will have DAM DC Meetups in:

Details, times and locations are all on the DAM DC Meetup website which requires free membership and your RSVP per event, if you plan to attend.

If you want to talk about Digital Asset Management, come by and meet local DAM professionals as well as people interested in DAM.  Bring your questions. This is all informal networking.

See you there.


DAM DC Meetup: Digital Asset Management tour of Discovery

Discovery Communications will host a venue for the DAM DC Meetup group by giving a Digital Asset Management tour.

This tour will be held on Thursday, January 5, 2012 from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM.

DAM DC members will be able to:

  • Network with their local area peers involved with Digital Asset Management
  • Get an overview of Discovery roles within their Media Fulfilment and Media Operations using Digital Asset Management
  • Followed by a DAM tour of Discovery

This event will be in the Washington DC area and will be limited to 30 people.  If you are interested in joining DAM DC for this and future DAM venues, sign up now. More details on Third time is the charm.

If you want to hear about Digital Asset Management at Discovery, listen to Another DAM podcast interview with Clayton Dutton.

Do you want to host a future DAM DC meetup event?

Have you been on a DAM tour?


Another DAM Meetup group: DAM DC

With the help of David Lipsey, we have started the DAM DC Meetup group within the Washington DC area.

For those of you who have been looking for a DAM Meetup group involving those interested in Digital Asset Management (DAM) within the Washington DC area, here it is.

This involves:

  • DAM Professionals
  • People aspiring to become DAM Professionals
  • People interested in DAM
  • Especially people who were volunteered to be involved in DAM (there are a lot of you, I know)

DAM DC is organized by Henrik de Gyor (the blogger writing this post) and David Lipsey. Both are are passionate about DAM.

DAM DC is about:

  • Meeting in person (networking)
  • Having fun
  • Talking and sharing ideas with like-minded people involved in DAM
  • Bring awareness about Digital Asset Management
  • Connecting and educating the DAM Community (local and national)

We want to know what you want to hear about. Don’t be shy. You are not alone in the world of Digital Asset Management.  You are welcome in the DAM Community. Join. Talk. Share. Be inspired.

Have a DAM question or DAM problem? RSVP to the next upcoming DAM Meetup near you and bring it.

If you happen to be around the New York City area, check out NYC Digital Asset Managers Meetup Group.

If you happen to be around Southern California, check out Southern California Digital Asset Managers Meetup Group.

I try to visit all of these DAM Meetup groups personally, just to meet others interested in DAM.

So what are you waiting for? Join a DAM Meetup group near you, even if you just come a few times a year.

If you don’t have a DAM Meetup group near you, but you know of other DAM Community members in your area, create your own DAM Meetup group in your area.  If we can create a DAM Meetup, you can too.