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One thought on “Why do I need version control in a Digital Asset Management system?

  1. I always seem to get the same questions about asset versions, derivatives and relationships. I have generally banned the term “version” from workflow discussions with users. In our DAM, that handles versions correctly, the system assigns version information to assets that have been “revised” by the user. A revision can be a correction or an update but it is not a derivative asset or a rendition. People revise, the system versions.

    It took me a long time to understand how this worked in our DAM (OpenText) and it wasn’t until I used all the version attributes (I think we had 3 or 4 distinct ID) during an integration with a CMS that is made sense to me.I generally recommend collecting a core set of use cases and testing the system’s version tracking against those use cases. The simple use case “do I want to always use the most current asset version or the current version at a specific point in time?” will tell you volumes about how capable a DAM is.

    I can’t think of a media workflow where versions aren’t important. I used to think curators didn’t need versions but I no longer believe that to be true. A DAM without version control is really just a repository.

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