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First book drawing on Another DAM podcast

During Another DAM podcast interview with Ulla de Stricker, we discussed the new book “The Information and Knowledge Professional’s Career Handbook“, co-authored by Jill Hurst-Wahl and Ulla de Stricker.

Several authors have been interviewed on Another DAM podcast which you can listen to.

Thanks to the publisher, we will have a drawing for one copy of this book. The one winner of this drawing will receive one free copy of “The Information and Knowledge Professional’s Career Handbook” co-authored by Jill Hurst-Wahl and Ulla de Stricker.

Enter this book drawing by simply subscribing by email to both Another DAM podcast and Another DAM blog on each of these websites before August 31, 2011. Enter your email address at the top left underneath where is says ‘Follow Blog’.

The winner will be picked from the pool of email subscribers of both Another DAM podcast and Another DAM blog. The drawing will occur on the first week of September 2011 with a third party drawing the name of the winner. The winner will be announced on Another DAM podcast and Another DAM blog. If you are already an email subscribers to both Another DAM podcast and Another DAM blog, you are automatically entered in this book drawing. The winner will be contacted directly by email for their contact details to ship the book. The book will be shipped directly from the publisher to the winner.

Have you entered the book drawing?

If you need vendor neutral assistance or advice, let us know how we can help you.


What is your DAM title?

While seemingly more unimportant nowadays, business titles within an organization can sometimes explain a person’s functional role, authority, seniority and/or pay grade.

I have blogged about a variety of DAM titles used within the Digital Asset Management field, like Digital Asset Specialist (DAS), Digital Asset Management Manager (DAMMmmmm), DAM Director (DAMD), DAM VP or the title I have at this time… Digital Asset Manager.

I hosted a podcast where I interviewed someone who has a DAM title that will catch people’s attention.  Instead of calling himself Digital Asset Manager, he was creative enough to come up with Darth Lord of the DAM and includes this on his business card.

Better than some other business cards I have heard of.

It sounds better than DAM lord. That is similar to another movie I saw. And he likely prefers it his way. No helmet required.

If you work in the field of Digital Asset Management, what is your DAM title?

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London DAM meetup group started

Thanks to the efforts of Michelle Jouan as mentioned during Henry Stewart’s DAM Europe conference in June 2011, she is taking the initiative to start a digital asset management meetup group in London called London DAM. Michelle hopes for the group to be an informal forum for digital asset managers and others interested in the topic to get together to share ideas and experiences.

If interested in Digital Asset Management in London, you can join the London DAM group on and follow them on Twitter

Michelle is seeking a co-conspirator to run the group. If you are based in London (yes, in the UK) and would like to help run the site and the Twitter feed, find venues and schedule dates, please get in touch with her directly. She is a Digital Asset Management professional and a member of a few of Linkedin groups on Digital Asset Management as well.

This the first meetup group focused on Digital Asset Management outside of the United States. I believe there will be more in the world coming later on this year.

The United States currently has the following DAM meetup groups:

  1. NYC Digital Asset Managers (The world’s largest and the most active
    DAM meetup group, started by Chad Beer and Michael Hollitscher)
  2. Socal DAM (Started by Lilly Taktakian and Roger Howard)
  3. DAM DC (Started by the author of this blog and David Lipsey)
Do you have a DAM meetup group near you?
Have you joined a DAM meetup group?