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What is your DAM title?


While seemingly more unimportant nowadays, business titles within an organization can sometimes explain a person’s functional role, authority, seniority and/or pay grade.

I have blogged about a variety of DAM titles used within the Digital Asset Management field, like Digital Asset Specialist (DAS), Digital Asset Management Manager (DAMMmmmm), DAM Director (DAMD), DAM VP or the title I have at this time… Digital Asset Manager.

I hosted a podcast where I interviewed someone who has a DAM title that will catch people’s attention.  Instead of calling himself Digital Asset Manager, he was creative enough to come up with Darth Lord of the DAM and includes this on his business card.

Better than some other business cards I have heard of.

It sounds better than DAM lord. That is similar to another movie I saw. And he likely prefers it his way. No helmet required.

If you work in the field of Digital Asset Management, what is your DAM title?

Author: Henrik de Gyor

Consultant. Podcaster. Writer.

7 thoughts on “What is your DAM title?

  1. Before I arrived my position was dubbed ‘Manager of Digital Assets’, although in practice I have sometimes just given out my title as the standard DAM.

    I certainly like Fuda’s Lord of the DAM, I could see many folks who work with a lot of ‘creatives’ in their organization might opt for a more creative title and have it work.

  2. When I was hired my title was Creative Coordinator. This was because my company had no clue whatsoever what a DAM was. I’m finally a DAS after implementing a system and archival library from the ground up with help from my vendor and an internal IT person. No one in the company still really understands what DAM is or cares, but they love having assets 24/7.

  3. I am with a company that has my title classified as Database Design Specialist and has been that title for the 4 years of me functioning as the DAM. Can’t seem to get them to see that my industry standard title should be Digital Asset Manager. Any suggestions?

  4. The only thing I would suggest is find an industry standard Database Design Specialist job description and demonstrate how what you do does not fit that as much as a standard DAM job description, or at least as standard a DAM description as is now available. But you likely have already tried that.

    I did think that, given your 4 years, if you are due a promotion, create a job description for a DAM position. Add a few new challenges for yourself in the responsibilities. Then ask your employer to promote you into it. And then your company has what could be the beginnings of a DAM career path. You might be able to sell it that way.

  5. I was hired as a Content Coordinator. My company strictly deals with digital asset distribution, so we are all DAMs with different levels of responsibility. We have to coordinate between several departments for our assets to be created, which is where the coordinator part of the title comes in. Is being a DAM or part of the DAM field good enough on its own at this time? Or should a young person in this field with a few years experience start looking at certificates / MS programs?

  6. I just started at Georgia State. This newly created position is called the Digital Assets Archivist (DAA).

  7. The DAM Foundation has launched a Human Resources and Talent Survey. If you work with Digital Asset Management professionally, you should complete this ten question survey.

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