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2 thoughts on “Can I get a DAM demo meant for the audience?

  1. Henrik, as a vendor this article will help our organization do a better job- I think you hit the mark. I am sure there are times we would like to get a demo “do-over”. I think one of the difficulties is managing expectations on both sides. Certainly the first step is a credible demo.

  2. Thank you for detailing this out. I work for a company that just went through this exact process, down to the 3 presentations from potential vendors to take over an existing system. Unfortunately what they were delivered was not what was demonstrated as the eventual requirements documentation fell into vendor hands and was manipulated to their advantage. The legal team did not know black from white so signatures were inked.
    Now it is too late and we are living with an inadequate system, not nearly as robust as the previous system that was migrated off of. The potential was there to increase the features and have a “better” experience for the end users but that did not happen.
    Every DAM system has its pros & cons and it works to everyone’s benefit to try and make the best fit and not “sell” the product to client. Obviously the proper homework was not done by the people creating the requirements document and the salesman won on this exchange. The next RFI comes out soon and I believe there will be some surprises in it for all involved.

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