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2 thoughts on “Where can I find some Digital Asset Management interns?

  1. Great piece, Henrick. I also highly recommend students from Graduate Library programs. These will have eager students who are looking for these kinds of experiences and are being trained in a number of the disciplines that Henrick discussed, tagging, metadata & thesaurus development. I came from that sort of background myself. If you are in the US, this list of schools might be helpful to you, they are the accredited Library and Information Science programs from the American Library Association.

  2. I’m a student in a relatively large information science program, and I definitely agree that department listservs (for departments relevant to digital asset management) are a great place to find DAM interns. The internships that get posted on my department’s listserv are highly competitive. Many organizations stop taking applications within the week due to the high volume of responses.

    The subjects that my deaprtment focuses on (metadata, systems analysis and design, information classification) seem highly relevant to DAM, yet I never see postings for digital asset management internships on the listserv. I would guess this is because many organizations aren’t aware of what information science is or that these programs exist, but they are a great resource for qualified, interested interns.

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