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Why should I read this blog, eBook and listen to the weekly podcast about Digital Asset Management?

If you are interested in Digital Asset Management (DAM), there are few places where you will find the user and administrator perspective discussed openly. This is why I:

I wrote about why I do this and answered some of the common questions as well.

The main thing in common between DAM and these communication channels (blog, eBook, podcast) is sharing information. Then, learning how to articulate what Digital Asset Management can do for your organization.

There is plenty more to come soon.




Another DAM blog: three years later

After three years of writing this blog post, I am still contributing a few times a month to one of the only blogs about Digital Asset Management (DAM) in the user and administrator perspective.

I created Another DAM podcast to create an audio version of Another DAM blog as a compliment and supplement. Most of Another DAM podcast are interviews with other professionals.  Then, I found recording and editing a podcast is easier as well as faster than writing and editing a blog post.  So I release a new podcast every Thursday.

Another DAM eBook is based on Another DAM blog. Version 1.0 is still requested regularly. Version 2.0 will be finished when I have more free time to edit, format and release it. No hurry.

As of 2012, I am closing DAM internships due to lack of interest.

After two years, I am also ending my DAM mentoring because of too much interest.

I am still invited to conferences, but whether I decide to go is another matter. I do not come to help sell tickets. I do not present to help fill rooms beyond capacity.

I  share information about Digital Asset Management. That is why I began with Another DAM blog.

What do you like about Another DAM blog?

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Another DAM eBook

Yes, I could not resist. Following the theme of Another DAM blog and Another DAM podcast, I have created Another DAM eBook.

You can now order Another DAM eBook directly from me.

I just released Version 1.0 containing over 52 blog posts from the year 2009 complete with links to all the sites I reference throughout my blog posts.

In 2011, Another DAM eBook version 2.0 will be released. And yes, you guessed it…that will contain 52 blog posts from 2010.

And that  means I am still writing blog posts.

Based on the feedback I get back from you about version 1.0, that will help improve Another DAM eBook version 2.0.

I have tested this eBook on several eBook readers successfully. Hopefully, more functionality will come to these devices by next year.

Want the link to the eBook? Send me an email requesting it and I will forward you a link to download it.