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How many people are dedicated to your DAM operations?

Based on the past polls posted earlier, I thought it would be interesting to find out how many people are dedicated to Digital Asset Management (DAM) operations within your organization? The DAM vendor should be able to support the DAM system based on your SLA and may suggest workflows on how to use the DAM, but who manages the daily operations within your organization? Who is doing your uploading and metatagging? Who trains all new DAM users as well as power users? Who helps establish and govern workflows and process with your DAM? Who is your go-to person inside your organization for your DAM? Does your organization have multiple people doing these tasks? Please answer this quick anonymous poll:

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What podcasts are available about DAM?

After gauging the level of interest in podcasts about Digital Asset Management (DAM) with a poll I posted earlier, I thought I would share the different series of active podcasts which I have been enjoying and participating in.

  • That DAM Show by Colin Birch and Dan McGraw. This is one of the most entertaining DAM podcasts I have ever heard since they started releasing these back in June 2009.

There were some vendor-specific podcasts earlier this year too, but they don’t seem to be very active any longer which is unfortunate. All the podcasts are packed with great information, you can tell there is a lot of effort put into creating them. I would encourage everyone to listen to their episodes.  If you enjoy them as much as I do,  subscribe (they are all free of charge) for future episodes. You don’t need even an iPod to listen to them, just a computer with internet access which you obviously have. If you do have an iPod, the first two podcasts listed are available on iTunes to download and listen on the move.

I wish all the producers of  these podcasts all the best and look forward to every episode they come out with for the latest news and thoughts on DAM within the podcast medium.

Do you have a podcast about DAM or another favorite DAM related podcast? If so, please do share.

The latest podcast series to be released to date is

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Do you train and support your DAM users?

Some organizations choose to train, support and even provide written documentation on how to use the Digital Asset Management solution with their workflows. Does your organization train and provide ongoing support to their own DAM users? Take the poll