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Henry Stewart DAM New York 2010 Conference


On May 20 and May 21, 2010, Henry Stewart Conferences will be presenting DAM NY 2010 at the New York Hilton in New York City.

There is a great line up of speakers and agenda for this DAM Conference.

I will be presenting two sessions during this conference on Digital Asset Management (DAM):

  • Moderating a panel discussion on DAM and Formal Education with:
    • Donna Slawsky, Taxonomist, Time Inc. & Lecturer in DAM, Columbia University
    • John Horodyski, COO, Doubloon; Lecturer School of Library & Information Science, San José State University; Contributing Editor, Journal of Digital Asset Management
  • Presenting a session on Career Opportunities in DAM

If you are interested in attending the Henry Stewart DAM Conference in New York City in May 2010, there are several discounts you can take advantage of:

  • Blog readers can register for this New York DAM conference before May 20, 2010 and save $100 by using discount code
  • If you register for the conference by Friday, March 26, 2010,  there is an automatic early bird discount of $100 off. (Yes, you could combine the blog discount and early bird discount by March 26, 2010 for a total discount of $200 off)
  • If you want to book a room at the New York Hilton for this conference, you can use group code before April 16, 2010 for a special conference rate.

Before, during and after Henry Stewart’s 2010 DAM NY 2010, there will be more:

I hope you can make it. I look forward to meeting you.

Author: Henrik de Gyor

Consultant. Podcaster. Writer.

2 thoughts on “Henry Stewart DAM New York 2010 Conference

  1. DAM and Formal Education
    What does a Digital Asset Manager need to know and how is that knowledge best acquired?
    What is the best way for DAM managers/students without a library background to learn the
    skills necessary to organize a collection, apply metadata, and address issues of search/content
    retrieval? Is there a difference between training library professionals in DAM vs. nonlibrarians?
    Does the subject matter need to be approached in different ways for the two
    populations? This session will explore options in DAM ‘formal’ education – what is out there,
    what is missing and how DAM vendors are participating; as well as the ‘informal’ education
    approach – through industry leaders, mentors and internships.

    Career Opportunities in DAM
    With the growing interest in DAM and increasing numbers of installations of DAM
    systems in organizations of all types, skilled practitioners will be needed to work on the
    implementation and daily operations of these systems. This session will explore some
    common job descriptions, skill sets needed and pay ranges that will attract experienced
    people today to a career in DAM.

    A full Conference Program can found here

  2. If you want to tweet about this conference, you can do so by using hash tag #DAMNY2010 on
    You can use it as a saved search as well.

    You can follow more DAM tweets by using “Digital Asset Management” as a saved search or adding that phrase in your tweets.

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