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Are you interested in a DAM internship or mentorship?


During one of my presentations at a recent DAM conference, the audience made a request for a DAM internship or mentorship program. This poll is meant to find out how many people are interested in an internship program and/or mentorship program, specifically about Digital Asset Management. This program would be led by DAM professionals who use DAM and are willing to mentor. Please vote so we can publicly gauge the need for such a program. You may also email me directly if you are interested in this type of opportunity.

Author: Henrik de Gyor

Consultant. Podcaster. Writer.

3 thoughts on “Are you interested in a DAM internship or mentorship?

  1. If there is anyone interested in becoming my mentor? I don’t have anyone at work whom I feel an intellectual connection with and there is no other person who does DAM in my office; I’m the sole gatekeeper among a highly marketing and sales driven hair care company. It’s a very isolating existence, but one that won’t be changing any time soon due to these economically challenging times.

    Feel free to contact me via email of LinkedIn.
    Kind Regards and thanks in advance.


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  3. is available for potential interns and employers with a DAM looking for interns.

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