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Another DAM podcast now available on Blubrry and Tech Podcast Network

You can now listen, download and subscribe to Another DAM podcast on any of the following channels:

Same weekly DAM podcast series. Same DAM audio podcasts. Now with more options depending on your preferred listening device and personal preference to listen, consume and enjoy. Yes, you can even listen to them on Facebook. Really.

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Top ten most listened to DAM podcasts of 2010

Another DAM podcast was started in September 2010. Due to popular demand by those interested in Digital Asset Management (DAM), DAM professionals and DAM students alike, here is the top ten most listened to podcasts from Another DAM podcast during 2010:

Of course, I would encourage everyone to listen to all the audio recordings from Another DAM podcast and even consume a new podcast every week. Listen and learn from DAM professionals from all over the world with this simple, quick, audio format. Which ones do you like?

It is even available directly on iTunes as well. This is all hosting on Audioboo.


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Another DAM podcast series…literally

There are several DAM podcasts available. Now Another DAM blog is available as a podcast with each blog post to be read by the author himself. If that was not enough to interest people in listening to Another DAM podcast, the author is adding brief interviews with members of the global DAM community. This is an ongoing podcast series about DAM professionals by DAM professionals.

Another DAM podcast will supplement Another DAM blog with additional content worth listening to on an occasional basis.

You can listen to these audio recordings on your computer or even download them to your favorite mp3 player.

This podcasting effort is meant to compliment the other DAM podcasts available today, not compete with them.

Another DAM podcast will be recorded thanks to Audioboo which provides a free, instant platform for this medium.

Show notes are available at

Click here to listen to an Introduction to Another DAM podcast

Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Thank you.